• Kafe Mee Jawa @ Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur


    Mee Jawa is similiar to Mee Rebus and it's one of the popular noodle dishes among the Malaysian. And here is a place for a satisfying plate of Mee Jawa- Kafe Mee Jawa proudly runned by Stephanie Yong the proprietor of the business with a family background of running Mee Jawa stalls.

    The cafe carries a fusion of traditional and contemporary kampung-style setting with plenty of wooden and bamboo furnitures with bright color wall paint and an airy feeling environment. The restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor dining area too.

    Kafe Mee Jawa @ Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

    Food & Beverages:

    The restaurant serves savory Mee Jawa. Apart from specialty the cafe offers other noodle dishes as well like fried flat noodles, mee mamak and assam laksa. On top of this, rice dishes are served too.


    Mee Jawa @ MYR8.90
    Big serving with yellow noodles served with thick potato and tomato gravy topped with hard boiled eggs, pickles, fried tofu, cripies, squid, chopped letuce and chilli paste. Thumbs up!

    Fried Mee jawa @ MYR 8.90


    Fried Flat Noodles (Kuey Teow) @ MYR 8.50

    Tom Yam Seafood with Noodle/Rice @ MYR 11.90

    Wrap up:

    Pretty satisfying dining experience. Do try their Mee Jawa, it's good!


    Kafe Mee Jawa
    Solaris Dutamas,
    No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: 03-62055566

    Other outlets:

    Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

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  • Enak KL @ Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur


    Hey ya! Can you smell the festive season in Malaysia? Hari Raya is just around the corner. Here's a good suggestion if you are still wondering where to dine after fasting hour. Enak KL, a perfect venue to dine in for an authentic fine dining Malay cuisine.


    A cozy restaurant with dim lighting and intimate ambiance. The restaurant would be a vibrant hangout spot to catch up with family and friends. Enak KL's interior boasts a simple red decor with pleasing contemporary settings that provides a sophistication of fine dining experience of Malay cuisine.

    Enak KL_01

    Enak KL @ Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur

    Food & Beverages:

    Enak Kl's menu offers a good selection of winning formula fine dining Malay cuisine in a stylish


    Starter Emping Melinjo- complementary

    Enak KL Appetiser Tasting Menu @ MYR 32.00
    A delicious trio of deep fried squid, grilled prawn with tart fruit concoction and Balla balla, vegetables curl in light batter accompanied with sweet chilli sauce.


    Mutton Soup  @ MYR 22.00
    Succulent juicy lamb in a rich savoury soup falvoured with crushed coriander seeds, fennel, cummin and cardamon topped with spring onion and parsley. Mutton soup here is now listed in my top list. It's great!

    Ikan Asam Pedas (Fish) @ MYR 34.00
    Traditional chilli hot asam pedas with melt in the mouth butterfish with finely sliced wild ginger torch bud, laksa leaf and freshly ground black pepper. Delicious!


    Ayam Percik (Chicken) @ MYR 25.00
    Chicken roasted in a marinade of galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk. Tasted good but need to serve warm.

    Asparagus Goreng Belacan @ MYR 15.00

    Fresh and tender asparagus sauteed with flavoured chilli shrimp

    Enak Dessert Tasting Menu @ MYR 18.00
    A medley of traditional desserts- Bubur Pulut Hitam, Cendol Enak and Sago Gula Melaka. Comes in small portion, a trio combination if you would like to try it all!

    Wrap up:

    A gracious grab from livingsocial.com. A voucher of MYR 35.00 with MYR 80.00 to spend on food and drinks. Enak KL, is a perfect place for a leisurely dining of authentic Malay cuisine. The warm atmosphere of the restaurant and welcoming attendants made my day. Service was patient, polite and discrete. Quality and authentic flavors alongside with intimating ambiance will keep patrons coming back for more.


    Enak Kuala Lumpur
    LG2, Feast Floor,
    Starhill Gallery
    181. Jalan  Bukit Bintang,
    Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-21418973
    Fax: +603-21489549

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  • Fat Spoon Cafe @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya


    A unique restaurant hidden at the all time jam area- Damansara Utama but yet popular for it's food and concept.

    The eestaurant offers a unique concept: quaint, warm old-school-classic-meets-contemporary space. The mismatching of the wooden tables,chairs and vintage furnitures with not overly decorated cafe creates a homey old style ambience. And the menu is presented in the "Peter & Jane" story book.

                                 Fat Spoon Cafe @ Uptown Damansara, Petaling Jaya

    Food & Beverages

    The restaurant serves authentic grandma recipe, which suits one's discerning palates. The menu covers Peranakan cuisine, Chinese cuisine as well as Malay and Western cuisine that has a rustic, home cooked flavour, which evokes a comforting familiarity. Besides that, Fat Spoon cafe is famous for its coffee as well.


    Homemade Popiah @ RM 7.90
    The Chinese style popiah is famous for it's pork lard taste. But at Fat Spoon Cafe ( a pork free cafe) the popiah is prepared without pork lard. My thoughts -it would be good and I was wrong-Tasted good indeed!

    Cappuccino @ RM 7.90
    Passionly brewed. Aromatic!


    Fried Mackerel & Gingerflower Salad @ RM 15.90
    Served with a side of medium boiled egg and lemongrass soup. Very well marinated crispy fried mackerel. Honestly, that piece was just not enough! Simply appetizing!

    Nasi Kampung @ RM 14.90
    Fat Spoon special platter with curry chicken, tamarind prawns, belacan long beans, salted egg and papadum served with steam rice.  Tasty thick curry gravy pairing with belacan long beans means awesome.

    Wrap up:

    Love the quaint and laid back hippy ambiance. It's neither wildly innovative nor convulsively uproarious restaurant but it definitely offers a warm and cozy environment to chill and dine in for some good food or perhaps for some snacks and coffee.


    Fat Spoon Cafe
    73, Jalan SS21/1A
    Damansara Utama,
    47400 Petaling Jaya,

    Website: https://www.facebook.com/fatspooncafe

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  • Village Park Restaurant @ SS21, Damansara Utama


    Village Park Restaurant, an old fashioned restaurant featuring 1Malaysia Nasi Lemak menu owned by a Chinese couple.


    Simple wooden tables and benches arranged in a manner one table near to another in the restaurant. And to accommodate the crowd, canopies were set up outside the restaurant with fold up tables and plastic chairs.


    Village Park_01

    Village Park Restaurant @ SS21, Damansara Utama

    Food & Beverages:

    Village Park restaurant serves nasi lemak (coconut fragrant rice) that features 1Malaysia menu. Famous for it's extremely fluffy rice texture with rich coconut aroma and that the 1Malaysia menu consist a variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes to complete the Malaysian culinary mosaic.

    Besides Nasi Lemak, the restaurant serves authentic Malay and Nyonya kuih as well as our local favorite drinks- kopi peng (ice), teh ice and etc.

    Nasi Lemak with aromatic fried chicken, sambal kerang (chili paste with cockles) with slightly sweetish yet overpoweringly spicy sambal @ RM 11.70

    And the other one is with fried chicken, fried fish with onions and sambal @ RM 13.50

    Price for fried chicken is at RM 5.20/ piece as included in the total above.


    Best to go with- A glass of Teh Ais (Iced Milk Tea)! @ RM 2.90 per glass

    Wrap up:

    Limited parking space and then, a little over priced plus a little crowded too! But then again, the crowd itself speaks for the restaurant. And, be there early if you want to savor their hot selling kuih!


    Village Park Restaurant
    No 5, Jalan SS21/37
    Damansara Utama
    47400 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Malaysia

    Tel: +603 7710 7860

    Operating hours:

    Weekdays: 7.00 am- 7.00 pm
    Weekends: 6.30 am- 6.00 pm

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  • Dancing Fish (Malay Indo Cuisine) @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

    Exploring Bangsar Shopping Centre!

    Dancing Fish (Malay Indo Cuisine) @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur
    Dancing Fish serves Malay Indo Cuisine with their signature fried fish.


    Emping Sambal Terasi @ RM 4.50

    Cucumber Latte @ RM 7.90

    Yellow rice @ RM 3.00 per portion

    Started our dinner with Emping Sambal Terasi as appetizer . Emping, made of melinjo nuts, nutty and slightly bitter in taste blends well with sambal terasi. Had a glass of cucumber latte to satisfy my craving for coffee before starting dinner. And the yellow rice, it's extremely good!

    Terong Sambal @ RM 9.90

    Gulai Pucuk Paku @ RM 9.90

    Grilled Terong (Eggplant) topped with sambal (chilli paste), vegetable and fried onions- Sweet, spicy with assam. -Appetizing! Gulai Pucuk Paku, fernleaf with aromatic tumeric curry topped with anchovies and fried onions.

    Bebek Goreng Bali (Crispy Duck) @ RM 24.00 (1/2)
    Dancing Fish with sambal terasi kicap @ RM 38.00

    Bebek(Duck) marinated with special mix of Balinese herbs and spices for 24 hours fried till crispy. Served with salad and chilli sauce- Awesome! And here comes the signature dish- Dancing Fish! Opted for fried tilapia served with sambal terasi and soy sauce. Other choices are Masam Kedondong Pedas, Belimbing Salad (Starfruit salad), Mango Kerabu and Tangy Acar.

    Dancing fish, a restaurant with good food and comfortable environment. Enjoyed my dinner here!

    Rating: 7/10


    Dancing Fish (Malay Indo Cuisine)
    Lot T120-T122
    285, Jalan Maarof, 3rd Floor
    Bangsar Shopping Centre

    Tel: +603- 2095 6663
    Fax: +603- 2095 6662

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