• BUSABA-Heavenly Thai @ Bangsar Shopping Center

    BUSABA-Heavenly Thai, another restaurant by SEA Cuisine Group. The restaurant started it's operation in Bangsar Shopping Center since December 2010.



    BUSABA-Heavenly Thai @ Bangsar Shopping Center

    The restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine in a modern setting with calming ambience, warm colours and soft lighting. A happy incorporation of modern interior design with slight touch of traditional Siamese decorations sets the fine-dining mood.


    Busaba_003 Busaba_004

    Tom Yam Goong (Red & Clear Soup) RM 19.90 each

    One of the chef''s recommendation. Super spicy for the red soup base and for the clear soup base, it was good too. Pretty satisfying.


    Busaba_005 Busaba_006


    Ta Kra Puaek @ RM 20.90
    Stir fried tender chicken with cashew nuts and dried chillies served in yam basket. Tasteful!.

    Pla Meuk Yang @ RM 22.90

    BBQ squid served with Thai seafood sauce. Grilled to perfection, taste smacking good with the Thai seafood sauce.


    Busaba_002 Busaba_007


    Phad Thai Goong Ho Kai @ RM 22.90

    Fresh rice noodles with tiger prawn, ground peanuts and bean sprouts with tamarind dressing. Sweet and spicy, kinda liking it!

    Phak Bun Ka Pi @ RM 16.90

    Stir fried Kangkong (with belacan or garlic), opted for garlic.

    BUSABA Heavenly Thai serves reasonably Thai Food with all the necessary spices. Besides Thai food, the restaurant offers Thai desserts as well. Craving for Thai food? Try BUSABA-Heavenly Thai!


    Rating: 6.5/10


    BUSABA-Heavenly Thai
    F5, 1st Floor,
    Bangsar Shopping Center
    Tel: +603- 2093 7708

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