• Porridge House 粥之村 @ Melaka Raya

    Am blessed that my siblings love to hunt for good food too! Thanks to my dear brother for taking me to various places for food each time when I am back hometown.

    I have tried to google search and funny it seems as there ain't any post about this restaurant. Unbelievable.

    Well, let me be the first!! Presenting......


    Porridge House_001


    Porridge House 粥之村 @ Melaka Raya


    Porridge House_002


    Minced Pork Porridge RM 4.00 (S), RM 7.00 (M) & RM 10.00 (L)

    Porridge with smooth and consistent texture boiled with tasty marinated minced pork topped with spring and fried onions- Marvelous! The porridge itself is pretty satisfying.

    Porridge house offers 12 different types of porridge-plain porridge, chicken, preserved eggs, double yolk, fish, prawn balls, fresh frog, special seafood, scallop, crabmeat with sharkfins, minced pork, plain porridge and abalone porridge.Pick any of your choices and order some dishes to enjoy with(if you would like too)

    The porridge is good, but with the dishes is even better- because Porridge House serves good food!


    Porridge House_004 Porridge House_005


    Marmite Chicken & Gong Bou (Spicy) Fried Mantis Prawn- Thumbs up for both!


    Porridge House_006 Porridge House_003


    Stir fried long beans with salted egg yolk & Spicy fried anchovies- Double thumbs up!

    If you happened to visit Malacca, don't miss Porridge house 粥之村 ! Highly recommended! Apologies for the limited information on the contact details- I shall provide more.


    Rating: 7/10


    Porridge House 粥之村 @ Melaka Raya
    Shoplots along Taman Melaka Raya,
    75000 Melaka,

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