• Shark Feasting @ Kedai Asam Pedas & Nyonya Mas Ria, Muar


    I definitely know it's an endangered species. Following the big crowd with curiosity for a shark feasting experience. Done some google search, seems like no one has been blogging about it despite the big crowd! Shark feasting? Interesting!!


    Do not expect this to be a very grand restaurant. A normal chinese-like restaurant that serve peranakan cuisine but famous for it's shark dishes.

    Kedai Asam Pedas & Nyonya Mas Ria, Muar

    The restaurant serve peranakan cuisine. But basically, all others seems good. Be it, shark dishes, pork dishes or just a simple claypot bean curd dish. What's have we ordered though? Let's see....

    Steamed shark lips- Absolutely fresh and full of collagen! We reordered!


    Claypot Gung Boo Shark and Claypot Curry Shark. The shark meat texture, almost similar to stingray's texture. But the a little more bouncy, Was good indeed and it's flavorful.Delicious.


    Claypot Ginger Onion Frog- Big & Juicy! Sounds horny...but this is how I am going to describe it. Was actually bigger from those we get in KL & Malacca town, which is over priced at times. Surprisingly pleasing.

    Claypot fried soft bean curd. Nice.


    Sea asparagus fried with dried chillies served with yam basket. My all time favorite! Not the yam basket, but yes to the sea asparagus. Chewy & spicy!

    Spicy Fried Pork Tenderloin. But, fried and yet tender? Surprisingly pleasing!

    Deep Fried Pork Knucke served with Thai Chilli Sauce. Nothing much to mention about the Thai Chilli Sauce, but the deep fried Pork Knuckle was simply appetizing. Crunchy at out and yet soft and juicy inside. Loving it!

    Wrap up:

    45 minutes drive from Melaka/Malacca, and we reached Muar. Manage to grab a table for more than 10 pax and started ordering. Steamed shark lip was extremely good and we decided to reorder. If you do not intend to go for shark dishes. Others was indeed pleasing. Pleased...

    Total bill comes up to MYR 491.20. What an experience. Good? Yes it is! To return? You tell me :)


    Kedai Asam Pedas & Nyonya Mas Ria
    No 9-11, Jalan Warisan 1,
    Taman Warisan, Jalan Junid,
    84000 Muar, Johor

    For more photos:

    Lushia's Food Blog-Shark Feasting @ Kedai Asam Pedas & Nyonya Mas Ria, Muar


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