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    We sometimes call it catch-up session and yet sometimes we name it coffee session. Be any of it, as long as it is with good companions, good food and good drinks, I am good. Not too demanding isn't it?


    Red and black my favorite theme! Not too fancy with old school touch. Simple and nice.


    The restaurant serves gourmet burger and coffee. The food, service and environment fit the bill.


    TDG Crabby Caesar Salad @ MYR 25.00++
    A twist to the classic caesar salad with the addition of crisp fried soft shell crab. Rather rich salad, I say!

    TDG Dynamite Wings @ MYR 18.00 ++
    Juicy crisp fried chicken wings smothered in TDG's top secret spicy dynamite sauce. Awesome!

    Tarragon Mushroom Chicken Burger @ MYR28.00++

    Creamy mushroom sauce with a hint of aromatic tarragon, rocket leaves and or course juicy chicken patty. The only thing I am very particular at most western food restaurants in Malaysia- the subsitution of original french fries with those cheaper ones. Cheaper ones as in potatoes mixed with sweet potatoes fries. Put it aside, just pisses me off from time to time!


    My cup of cappucino @ MYR 9.00 ++ and Maddie's Chocolate Fudge Shake @ MYR 14.00++

    Wrap up:

    Tell me, were these too much for two ladies in a catch-up session? Well, we needed a lot of energy to talk, you get what I mean? Anyway, cut the craps! The Daily Grind Gourmet Burger serves not only good burgers, the salad and appetizers are better than as desired. Besides coffee and burger, it's another place for happy hour too. Oh yes!- they have good reviews for their red velvet cake too!




    For more photos:

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