• Huck's Cafe @ Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar


    Six months off and now I am back! And so, I have like 100 or more restaurants to review. Here's one of the hundreds to clear from the back log. Missing those times hanging out with my ex colleagues. Good food, drinks and laughters is all we shared. Here we go- The gathering at Huck's Cafe- a restaurant that serves exclusive home dining menu.


    Simple and neat table arrangements with a touch of Balinese cum Thai feel. A cozy place to dine in provided there are no other big groups around else it's definitely not a good suggestion to dine in- it would be too noisy and noisy is definitely not my classification of cozy! Do check with them before making your reservations,else you would be rather dissapointed.

    Huck's Cafe @ Jalan Abdullah Off Jalan Bangsar


    Good it was!  And you would have to make reservation in advance. Menu is available on the Facebook fanpage. The reservation part was such a pain taking one or two days to confirm, but the munching part took only an hour or two!

    Upon settling down, we were greeted with basil seed mint soda and then the appetizer-Crackers topped with serewek acar. Nothing fascinating yet a good start to the chatting session.


    And you would get to choose from two types of soup, either the Pumpkin Soup or Asparagus Soup. Both smooth, creamy and silky textured soup, tasted just nice.


    Lamb Rack Spagethi
    Baked Chicken Paella
    Seafood Risotto served with New Zealand Mussels, Prawns & Squids
    Lamb Shank with Garlic Mashed Potato

    The dessert counter's main draw was the Chocolate Brownies,the Red Dream and Creme Brulee.

    Hot Chocolate Brownies served with vanilla ice cream. Not too sweet, indeed it's just nice after a fullfulling dinner.

    The Red Dream- served with fresh strawberry puree with lemony taste. Sourly sweet and bud teasing. Refreshing!

    And the winner goes to............ the classic creme brulee! The smooth and creamy custard contrast nicely with the chrunchy sugar topping.

    Wrap up:

    I am doing a short wrap up on the overall dining experience here. Food was on par, service was okay. Ambiance - considered cozy and lovely without a big noisy group dining in together in the same hall- especially the drunk aunties who were extremely noisy and tipsy! Would suggest them to do something on the reservation process. Else, all was good.


    Huck's Cafe
    22, Jalan Abdullah,
    Off Jalan Bangsar,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Huck's Cafe

    For more photos:

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